Thursday 21 September 2017

Day 77 of Mentor on Road, USA

All differences in this world are of degree, and not of kind, because oneness is the secret of everything.
-Swami Vivekananda
Day 77 of Mentor on Road, USA started with a mind-boggling session with Renee Mehrra at her television show in New York. Mentor on Road enjoyed answering to all the questions which included speaking about the motivation behind Mentor on Road – USA trip, our achievements so far, our best experiences, issues relating to women empowerment in USA and India, what are going to be our next steps and how will Mentor on Road sustain the momentum which we have created of bringing both the nations, India and USA closer.

Thoroughly enjoyed the conversation. Mentor on Road would soon upload the interview. Heart-felt thanks to Renee for bringing us this wonderful opportunity.

Mentor on Road then headed to an one to one meeting with Anuj Preet where we discussed about the smart village program and how it can help creating a positive impact in the entire country. Mentor on Road was highly impressed with the passion and sincerity of the intentions shown by Anju towards this project. Those two qualities are enough to impact the lives of people in any village. 

Mentor on Road has already starting working on several villages. We would keep the audience updated for the same. 

In the evening Mentor on Road headed towards the closing event of Mentor on road - USA in New York. It was a super success event with participation of 53 companies and friends. The gracious hosts and airline partner of Mentor on Road - Etihad airways started the evening with a welcome address and by sharing how their airline can make the business connection between USA and India better. 

Then the Director of US Commercial Service from US department of commerce in New York introduced the services of USCS for American companies. USCS Mumbai and Delhi offices supported the program from day one.

After this, Mentor on Road presented the overall work done in this journey of Mentor on Road - USA. We have met 4400 companies in 35 states and 35 cities of USA in 115 events on 82 days driving 10,000+ miles. The break-up of which includes the following:

Met 1800 American companies and have connected 300 of them to India with Quick market research reports ( QMR ) and introductions.

Met 700 women owned businesses and connected 55 of them to Indian women owned businesses.

Met 400 start-ups and invested in 11 and in talks to invest in 16 more through the mandate which we are carrying from many Indian and American investors.

Met 1500 persons of Indian diaspora who have adopted 52 villages where we are now working on identifying pain points of village people and will then work on an action plan to solve these pain points.

The best moment was when the entire audience stood up to give a standing ovation to my team of Mentor on Road back home in Ahmedabad, who had worked tirelessly for last 6 months to make this happen successfully. Thanks to the young team on Mentor on Road and to my wife, Rupal shah who drove along with me with enthusiasm in the entire journey in USA. Also to my son, Nisarg Shah who was part of Mentor on Road leg one tour from Boston to Tampa to San Diego.

Thanks to all the partner institutions in USA who hosted us in 35 cities from morning to evening with event packed days and interactions and for mobilizing participants. There were days when we had five seminars in a day and we were glad that all participants got their worth of time attending it.

Thanks to Start-up India, Ministry of Commerce, government of India for being a partner of Mentor on Road - USA.

Thanks to media in India and USA for spreading the word of Mentor on Road all over.

Jai Ho! (Let victory be yours)


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