Monday, 11 May 2015

Young Bloods of Thane

“The best way to predict the future is to create it”- Peter Drucker

As we made our way from Nashik to Pune we took a pitstop at the city of lakes Thane. This stop proved to be a very productive one as we got to meet three youngsters whose eyes gleamed with brilliance and a sense of hunger to achieve more. These youngsters had not only dreamt something unique but had already converted their dreams into reality. What was awe inspiring in these individuals was the brilliance of their mind which had weaved an innovative dream into reality.

The first startup we meet was Green India Building System and Services Pvt LTD popularly known as GIBSS. GIBBS within a short span of its existence has already built a name for itself in the market and has won many a coveted awards including World Wildlife Federation (WWF) Climate Solver Award 2012. GIBSS provides services like geothermal cooling system, LED lighting system, hot water system and audit and consultancy services. “If people save energy, they save money” this is what is believed at GIBSS and they have been working effectively towards this end. As we interacted with them the main concern that he highlighted to us was that though the company has build a name for itself but  still the concept of geothermal is still not prevalent in India. Hence, they want to expand further and for this they require funding.

The other startup with whom we interacted was UniHealth which is providing services and facilitating medical tourism in India. Today it has setup UniHealth Center for  Cosmetic Surgery at Aamby Valley and is also providing consultancy in the field of healthcare. It also provides solution for medical equipments and pharmaceutical drugs. As India sees many people from around the world especially Africa who visit India for medical purposes UniHealth wants to develop strong connections in Africa to harness this potential. The third youngster we met had taken over the plastic moulding  business from his father and in lieu of the present times he wished to revamp his business and his restructure it. We also met the Secretary General of Chamber of small industry association (COSIA) with whom we had an interactive session regarding the pain points that SME’s in Thane were facing.

With this our day at Thane came to an end. The interactive session made us learn a lot and left us satisfied seeing the youth of today effectively contributing towards the Make in India dream with conviction and enthusiasm.

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